Rakim is upset with Nas

30 Oct

RakimWhen he first came into the game, Nas was hailed as the second-coming of Rakim. Nas has revealed that he did and still does look up to Rakim. In many ways, he has modeled himself after Rakim. A few years ago, Nas recorded a song called “Unofficial Biography of Rakim.”

On the song, Nas talks about the life of Rakim. The song was a part of Nas’ 2004 album, Street Disciple. It has been five years since the song was first debuted to the public, but Rakim has decided to start talking about it now. He said that he does not appreciate Nas putting his business out there the way that he has.

Aside from that Rakim did say that the song has a nice sound. But, the content of the song has him close to “not feeling it.” Without saying those exact words, Rakim seems to be upset with Nas. Still, there is no beef between the two rappers.

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