Mims readies third album, “I Am The Best”

30 Oct


Since the release of his sophomore album, Guilt, Mims has been fairly quiet. However, he has began to make his rounds in promotion of his third album. Recently, Mims talked about his first album in comparison to his second album.

Mims cited the commercial failure of Guilt on the fact that the fans wanted the next “This Is Why I’m Hot” to be featured on the album. That did not happen, instead, Mims delivered “Move (If You Wanna).” That track was a minor hit, but it did nothing to help the album sell nearly as many copies as his debut.

Rumors began circulating after the release of Mims’ second album that he wanted to leave Capitol Records. It was said that he offered the label $900,000 to be released from his contract, but they ended up turning it down. However, when he began talking about this new album, Mims said that it will be released on Capitol Records.

When he was asked about a title, Mims said that it is tentatively titled, I Am The Best. As far as collaborations, currently, he does not have any, but Mims said that he is open to working with anyone that wants to work with him. He said that he would love to do something with 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, or someone else on that level.

Mims also said that he would love to work with some big-name producers, but he has decided to work with some up-and-coming producers. Even after his last album failed to deliver a lot of sales, he is going to use the same formula once again. Once again, Mims said that he has the full support of Capitol Records.

While there has not been a release date given, Mims will release his third studio album, I Am The Best on American King Music and Capitol Records.

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