Kanye West stole Mase’s Style

30 Oct

Kanye WestBack in the late 1990s, Mase was on top of the rap game. It was during the promotion of his 1999 album, Double Up, that Mase revealed that he was giving all of that up in order to become a pastor. He ended up taking five years off and returning in 2004. Mase returned the same year that Kanye West arrived.

People look at the style of Kanye West and they credit his originality. Every time that Kanye takes a picture, he wears some outrageous haircut or he has some odd outfit on. When most think of his rapping abilities, they see a gifted lyricist. It is hard to guess what he is going to come up with next.

Mase, on the other hand was credited for having the style of the average 1990s rapper. While Mase was far from being a bad rapper, he was never known for his lyricism. Mase simply made hits. He and Kanye West did collaborate for West’s “Jesus Walks (remix),” but in no way did Kanye jack Mase’s style.

50 Cent attempted to sign Mase to his G-Unit Records in 2005, but the move was blocked by Diddy. However, that did not stop Mase from wearing G-Unit apparel and becoming a part of 50 Cent’s entourage. Mase even went as far as to record mixtapes with the group. From 2005 until 2007, Mase was an honorary member of the group and the label.

Despite him and Mase never reaching a deal, 50 Cent has remained a supporter of his. Kanye West, on the hand, 50 has never seemed to be fond of. In 2003, 50 made his powerful debut into the rap game and he was expected to dominate 2004 the same way until his album was pushed back. Kanye West’s debut ended up dominating 2004.

Ever since that time, 50 Cent has played in the shadow of Kanye West. In 2007, things came to a head when their albums were released on the same day. 50 Cent was determined to publicize things. First, he told Kanye to push his album back, and then once West did not, he said that he would retire if Kanye outsold him. When the release date came, Kanye West outsold 50 Cent.

Instead of retiring, 50 Cent has become Kanye West’s biggest and loudest critic. Every move that Kanye makes or moves that he does not make are always scrutinized by 50 Cent. The VMA issue made that clear. Now that has blown over and Kanye West is gearing up for his new album. Sensing that, 50 Cent has already come out swinging. He said that Kanye West has stolen Mase’s rap style.

If that is the case, Mase owes Kanye West a lot because he never did the things that Kanye has done when he had this style.

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