How much longer Will Jay-Z ignore 50 Cent?

30 Oct

Jay-ZFor his entire career, 50 Cent has taken shots at Jay-Z. When he was still trying to secure a spot in the game, 50 made it clear that he wanted to feud with Jay-Z. Realizing this, Jay-Z refused to give free publicity to 50 Cent, so he recorded a song for Vol. 3, entitled “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot),” that addressed 50 Cent.

Jay-Z performed that song at Summer Jam 1999 after having a brief meeting with 50 Cent backstage. Jay-Z has never mentioned the backstage meeting, but he did finally mention the performance on his song, “A Star Is Born.” 50 Cent has talked about this incident many times and he always seems to not be mad about it, but he probably is.

If he were not, 50 Cent would not try so hard to always come at Jay-Z. Every new record released, he manages to mention Jay-Z. In every interview, he always says something questionable about Jay, but he always knows how to cover his tracks. Recently, 50 Cent is not trying hard to cover his tracks.

For the past few weeks, 50 Cent has been outright disrespectful to Jay-Z. He has released two records that appear to be sending jabs at Jay. For the most part, Hov has played nice with 50 Cent when 50 dissed Kanye West for his VMA outburst, Jay-Z did come to Kanye’s defense. He wanted to make it known that 50 Cent was not scaring anyone. 50 responded by calling Jay a punk.

50 Cent did not leave it at that, though. He went on to insinuate that Jay-Z was afraid of rap beef. Thinking back to a few years ago, 50 pointed out how Jay-Z manages to avoid feuds with other rappers. First, he mentions Jadakiss and how he sent Beanie Sigel after him, then he mentions Game and Memphis Bleek, then he mentions Tru Life and Cam’ron. Now, 50 Cent is making diss records.

Usually, Jay-Z tries to play things cool. Even during his feud with Nas, Jay never seemed to lose his cool. Right now, though, 50 Cent is becoming a bit “stan-ish.” It is almost annoying because with every new record and every new interview, 50 Cent has something to say about Jay-Z. It is only a matter of time before he ends up getting mad.

Before, it was a question of if. Now that Jay-Z has already addressed 50 Cent through an interview, it is only a matter of time before a diss record comes. So, now it is a question of when.

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