Beanie Sigel – “I’m Not Your Average Cat” (Jay-Z diss)

30 Oct

Beanie SigelSeemingly out of nowhere, Beanie Sigel has dissed Jay-Z. He said that his issue with Jay stems from certain lines on his album, The Blueprint 3. This comes barely a month after Beans praised Jay’s album and said that it was better than American Gangster.

This diss record from Beanie Sigel has come from left field, but a week ago, Beans held a performance in Philadelphia where he said some things that appeared to diss Jay-Z. However, he did manage to clear that up, a bit. It turned out that a rapper that performed before him had said that he runs Philadelphia. Then, Beans responded saying that he runs this town tonight.

Beanie Sigel asks, before the beginning of the song, “how does it feel to be exposed.” That question was aimed at his former boss, Jay-Z. As the song goes on, Beanie Sigel said that he will expose things about Jigga that will make Beyonce look at him differently.

As the song goes on, Beanie Sigel disses not only Jay-Z, but Memphis Bleek, too. After the song hit the radio, Beans has described it as not a diss record, but a real record. He said that his reason for going at Jay-Z on this emotional record is because of the slick things that he said on “Already Home.”

There is a line on Jay-Z’s “Already Home” where he mentions that he heated up the Roc, so get hot already. Being around Jay for most of his career, Beanie Sigel understood exactly what Jay meant and he was offended, the final result was this. Only hours after the release of the track, hip hop figures, such as Fabolous, Just Blaze, and Lil’ Cease have spoken on the situation.

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