Young Jeezy and Rick Ross: The New Def Jam

29 Oct

Jeezy and RossOver a decade ago, Def Jam was the top label in hip hop. Behind rising stars, Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule, Def Jam dominated radio. Those three rappers brought a New York swagger that could not be denided. No one was more Def Jam than Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule. However, like all good things, this came to an end.

After the Irv Gotti controversy, the entire Murder Inc. label was removed from the Def Jam roster. The following year, in 2006, DMX ended up leaving the label for a new deal at Columbia Records. Finally, in 2008, Jay-Z left Def Jam for his own Roc Nation.

Currently, the Def Jam roster has been diminished. Outside of their DJ Khaled-led Def Jam South, the label has nothing going for them. Since all of the label’s former stars are gone, the label’s biggest stars are now Young Jeezy and Rick Ross.

Nostalgic 90s hip hop fans are trying to call Young Jeezy and Rick Ross the new Jay-Z and DMX. While that may be a stretch, Jeezy and Ross are indeed Def Jam’s biggest stars. This year, Rick Ross has carried Def Jam and Young Jeezy is preparing to have a big year in 2010.

Outside of his own music, Rick Ross runs his own imprint label, Maybach Music Group, and his group, The Triple Cs, are gearing up for their debut album. At the same time, Young Jeezy has been running his own label, CTE Entertainment, during his entire time at Def Jam. CTE is behind USDA.

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