Has Snoop Dogg become a Hater?

28 Oct

Snoop DoggRecently, Snoop Dogg admitted to something truly horrible, the Doggfather, himself, has admitted to being a hater. Seeing how long Snoop has been out of the public eye, it would be hard to even track his recent activities. But, Snoop has shown some hater-like characteristics.

Last month, Snoop Dogg revealed that he had dissed Soulja Boy. People love to criticize Soulja Boy because of his style. His music may not appeal to everyone, but he brought something new, which is the essence of hip hop music. So, Snoop’s negative comments about Soulja Boy do give the impression that he is hating.

For the past few years, Lil Wayne has risen to the top of the game. In this same span, Snoop Dogg has been falling off. Looking at how hard Snoop has been working, this can be very frustrating. It is easy to imagine him going at Wayne out of sheer anger.

A song from Snoop Dogg’s latest album, Malice n Wonderland, recently leaked to the Internet. The song called out Lil Wayne and Birdman for their 2006 public kiss. Has Snoop Dogg become a hater?

One Response to “Has Snoop Dogg become a Hater?”

  1. vipnightclubmagazine October 30, 2009 at 12:52 am #

    Nah really Lil Wayne is way to overatted when he should just be hated instead, Lil Wayne is really more like the old saying “lets just throw a bunch of shit on the wall and see what sticks” he puts out a billion songs most of them crap and hopes One or two will stick. He’s been quite lucky that people have embraced him as much as they have in recent time considering how annoying his whiny cry baby sounding rap style tends to be. His style does seem to work on a few tracks here and there and his metaphors can sometimes be quite creative which is what gives him his appeal and it doesn’t hurt that most of the beats he rhymes over are club worthy Hip Hop beats. Souljah Boy on the other hand has very little lyrical flow his style if you can call it that is very lazy slurred and unrefined. So far he has been able to hang in solely due to some of Hip Hop’s hardest recent beats and the fact that his first major hit was a huge corny immitatable dance. Crank Dat had the hardes Kettle Drum sounds ever used on a Hip Hop song and that is what ultimately made Souljah Boy famous. Had anyone else rapped over those beats they would have been the ones standing in Souljah Boys place while he would be relegated to the side lines. – Vanessa Vanguard VIP mag

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