Will Fat Joe sign with Young Money?

27 Oct

Fat JoeAt some point in everyone’s career, a person hits a slump. Fat Joe is known for releasing hit singles and getting loads of airplay. With his latest album, this was not the case and his album sold fewer copies than expected. In addition to all of that, Fat Joe had a dispute with his label.

Due to the fact that he only signs short-term deals with the label, Fat Joe is free to leave after the release of any album. Currently, the hottest record label in hip hop is Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Any hip hop artist that finds themselves having a label dispute can easily move over there.

A few years ago, Fat Joe was one of the biggest rappers in the game and Lil Wayne was still starving for attention. In 2006, Fat Joe threw Lil Wayne a bone and allowed him to perform the hook on what would become Joe’s hit single, “Make It Rain.” Wayne’s chorus on that verse led to much, much more and soon he rose to become what he is today.

For Fat Joe, the results have been reversed. He has found it harder and harder to find that right single and each album sees him sell fewer copies. Now, Fat Joe finds himself in a dispute with his label, Imperial/EMI, but he is free to leave at any time. Lil Wayne is the CEO of the hottest label in hip hop and he owes a great deal of his success to Fat Joe.

Will Lil Wayne throw Fat Joe a bone and allow him to sign with Young Money?

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