Shyne to be Deported Tomorrow

27 Oct

ShyneOctober 6, 2009 was supposed to be a huge day for Shyne. Over a year ago, this was the day that Shyne was supposed to be released from prison. As the date neared, everyone was talking about Shyne getting out.

However, when the day came, it was not as celebratory as everyone thought that it would be. Instead, Shyne had to trade bad news for bad news. After serving the past eight years in prison, he learned that he would be deported to his home country of Belize.

This came after anticipation of Shyne being released and coming out with new music. Even before his release, he was rumored to have signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. Those rumors proved to be false, but Hov did reveal that the two had talked.

Eventually, Shyne signed with Game’s Black Wall Street label, but he will not be able to stay in America and record the album. For most of his life, Shyne has lived in America. He grew up in Brooklyn and served eight years in American prison for a crime that some feel that he was not guilty of.

By this time tomorrow, Shyne has to be out of the United States of America.

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