Saigon discusses the state of New York hip hop

27 Oct

SaigonFor the past few years, hip hop critics have said that New York hip hop is dying. Most of rap’s superstars hail from the South. The only notable rapper from New York to debut in the past three years is Mims. Outside of him, there has not been a New York rapper to release two albums.

Five years ago, Saigon was supposed to have debuted and he should have already been a star by now. However, he finds himself in the same position he was years ago. When it comes to spreading blame, Saigon has pointed a few fingers.

First off, he has blamed the record labels. Saigon said that the record labels have just gotten caught up with Southern hip hop. He said it has gotten to the point where they have forgotten about New York in order to focus on the music coming out of the South.

If anyone should know about that, it is Saigon. He spent four years on Atlantic Records without seeing his debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, being released. The album was initially set for release in 2004, but it never came. However, Atlantic managed to release four albums from T.I. and three albums from Plies during the 2004-2008 period.

Saigon went on to say that up-and-coming New York rappers have to fight against the veterans. He mentioned that New York rappers who are not named Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Diddy, Nas, or Fat Joe, there will not be much airplay. Sai also said that the only way that a rapper would be able to get 500 spins a day would be to change their name to Drake or Lil Wayne.

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