Is Murder Inc. going to replace Ashanti and Lloyd?

27 Oct

Murder Inc. logoWhat many have expected for some time has finally happened, Ashanti and Lloyd have left Murder Inc. Records. In the past few years, music from Ashanti and Lloyd have kept the label a float. R&B has kept Murder Inc. alive, but there are no more R&B acts left on the label.

While it is official that Lloyd is off of the label, the status of Ashanti is unknown. With Murder Inc. planning to sign a new distribution deal with Atlantic Records before the end of 2010, the label will have money to spend to sign new artists.

Currently, there are many male R&B singers that find themselves as free agents. Such singers as Ray J, Usher, Ne-Yo, and Mario will soon be done with their current label deals. Granted, the label does not have the respect that it once had, but it still has a strong production team.

If Ashanti is truly gone, there are plenty of other female singers that would sing with Ja Rule. Some take that as a joke, but Irv Gotti and Ja Rule are still respected due to their past success. Irv Gotti does have a working relationship with Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule is friends with Keyshia Cole.

When Murder Inc. reaches a deal with Atlantic Records, things will be a lot clearer. Once the deal goes through, more money will be there for Irv Gotti to spend. Plus, Atlantic Records is known for promoting R&B acts, so singers signing to a possible Murder Inc./Atlantic label would be a match made in heaven.

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