Game disses G-Unit at Rick Ross’ concert

27 Oct

The Game (rapper)Only hours after news has surfaced of 50 Cent’s new song dissing not only Game, but Young Buck, Game has already had another anti-G-Unit rant. This time, it is for Rick Ross.

Out promoting his Triple Cs and their album, Customs, Cars, & Cycles, the group decided to go out to Los Angeles. For the past few years, Game has held things down for Los Angeles and he recently announced an alliance with Rick Ross, so it was only right he come out and support.

Already at the show, Game took the stage and performed a few of his singles. Among the songs that he performed were, “Put You On The Game.” In the song, he comes to the line where he talks about his unit. Ever since 2005, before that song’s release, he has been at odds with G-Unit.

When Game got to that part of the song, he screamed that his unit is not guerrilla, then he went on to say f*ck 50 Cent. It is clear that despite both rappers working with Dr. Dre, their feud is far from over.

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