50 Cent disses Game and Young Buck on “Strong Enough”

27 Oct

50 Cent IIWith the release of his next album, Before I Self Destruct, only weeks away, some of the songs are leaking from the album. Most recently, a track entitled “Strong Enough” has leaked to the internet. On the track, 50 Cent talks about the past and present G-Unit.

By now, everyone knows the story of how G-Unit was a three man crew, until 50 Cent met Young Buck and Tony Yayo went to prison. With Yayo in prison, Buck was the replacement and when he came back, the crew expanded to four. Then, Dr. Dre decided to move The Game into G-Unit.

In 2005, G-Unit released The Game’s first album. Not long after the release of the album, The Game and 50 Cent began a long-running feud that has continued to this day. Ever since the feud first began, there have been many rumors of reconciliation, but nothing has ever come to pass.

Hopes of a reunion were raised when it was revealed that Game would be working with Dr. Dre on his album, Detox. Seeing how 50 Cent is a signed artist to Dre’s Aftermath and he was working with Dr. Dre on the album, too, some speculated that 50 Cent and The Game may collaborate. Before those rumors got hot, 50 came out to deny that happening.

Ever since 2007, the relationship between 50 Cent and Young Buck appeared to be a bit strange. At the time, 50 was still feuding with Jadakiss, but Young Buck reached out to Jada and said that the two smoked a blunt together. 50 Cent has never taken kindly to members of his crew reaching out to the enemy. For most of 2007, Buck made a habit of this.

In 2008, things came to a head when Young Buck was kicked out of G-Unit by 50 Cent. For the rest of the year, Young Buck feuded with G-Unit and 50 Cent. It was only one month ago when Buck reached out to G-Unit and Tony Yayo said that he forgave Buck. 50 Cent, on the other hand, ignored any messages from Young Buck.

Now, on this latest song, 50 Cent tells the story of how G-Unit was once a five-man crew and everyone was a millionaire. He said that now, the group is down to three and out of the two men that left, one is a crack-head and the other is a queer. During his 2008 feud with Young Buck, he called him a crack-head and recently he referred to The Game as a gay stripper.

50 Cent will be releasing Before I Self Destruct on November 24, 2009 and the full track can be heard then.

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