Ludacris on “Washington Watch with Roland Martin”

26 Oct

LudacrisProving that rappers are also socially-aware, Ludacris appeared on TV One’s “Washington Watch with Roland Martin” to discuss the issues facing black America. Towards the end of the program, Roland Martin discussed what many were probably questioning. Ludacris’ appearance on the program.

Martin defended Ludacris’ appearance on the program by saying that he had Luda on the show just to prove that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not the only celebrities that are culturally-involved. Ludacris went on to say that he may be a rapper, but his opinion on other things just might be in-line with an opinion of another person. Ludacris doing the show was a jab at those who limit rappers to rapping.

Not too many people realize how involved Ludacris is in his surroundings. Ever since he first made it big, Luda has always given back.  It has never been uncommon to see Ludacris giving back to his old neighborhood. Just last month, Luda donated cars to his old neighborhood.

Throughout his career, Ludacris has been political. In 2004, he supported John Kerry for president and he took a very active role in the campaign for Barack Obama just last year. Many try to criticize Luda for his profanity-filled lyrics, but a lot of his lyrics are politically-charged.

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