Lil Wayne will still release “Rebirth” in December

26 Oct

Lil Wayne IILil Wayne’s future releases went into question when it was revealed that he may serve a year in prison. For the entire year of 2009, Lil Wayne has been working on Rebirth, Young Money Fam, and Tha Carter IV. Wayne revealed that he had completed Rebirth and the Young Money album.

Late last year, Lil Wayne promised to debut Young Money this year and he promised Rebirth. Despite having the support of Cash Money and Young Money, this experimental album did not have the support of Universal Records. Because of this, all of Wayne’s music has been pushed back.

A few weeks ago, Lil Wayne stated that he was going to finish Tha Carter IV and release it on the same day as the experimental album on December 15. His upcoming trial and possible prison stint may change those plans.

Even before the announcement of Lil Wayne’s law troubles, he stated that Young Money Fam may be packaged into Rebirth, making it a double album. It makes sense because Wayne’s biggest hit of 2009 was his Young Money song, “Every Girl.”

It may prove to be beneficial to package these two albums together just based off of the fact that “Every Girl” was a top ten hit. Then, there is “Bedrock” climbing the charts and one more rock single could end up seeing Lil Wayne having the highest-selling album for the second straight year.

Rebirth, now a double album, will be released on December 15, 2009 on Young Money, Cash Money, and Universal Records.

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