Hip Hop Vibe’s Hottest MCs in the Game: Fabolous

26 Oct

FabolousAfter missing out on last year, Fabolous got started early in 2009. In February, he released his The-Dream-assisted, “Throw It In the Bag.” For a short period, the song returned Fabolous to the radio waves.

While Fabolous has not received much airplay in 2009, his album has sold fairly well. Upon its release, Loso’s Way, debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 200. He may not be able to take over the radio the way that he once did, but Fabolous can still sell records.

Through Twitter, Fabolous has been able to keep his name alive. With no songs even recorded, Fab helped create the T-Pain/Jay-Z feud and he even had his own beef with T-Pain. Only weeks after that blew over, Fabolous dissed 50 Cent through the site.

Every week, Fabolous’ name finds its way into the headlines. His music may be a little less than hot, but he is not.

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