Is Plies leaving Slip-N-Slide Records

25 Oct

PliesWhen Plies first joined Slip-N-Slide Records, in 2006, the label was boasting successful releases from Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. Plies was set up to be next. When Plies first began to heat things up, Trick Daddy left.

Now, Plies is one of the biggest rap acts from the South and Rick Ross has left Slip-N-Slide for his own imprint under Def Jam. It appears that both Trick Daddy and Rick Ross outgrew Slip-N-Slide. Looking at Plies’ success, he has, too.

After all, Plies is more dedicated to his brother, Big Gates, and his label, Big Gates Records. The deal in place with Atlantic Records is really more for Big Gates and Plies than it is for Slip-N-Slide. The label does almost nothing to promote him, their focus is on Trina and every other artist signed to their new deal with EMI.

Most of the promotion of Plies’ new album, Goon Affiliated, has been handled by Big Gates and Atlantic. How much longer will it take for Plies and Big Gates to cut out the middle man that is Slip-N-Slide Records to get closer to the big money?

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