50 Cent denies beef with Fabolous and Dr. Dre, but Stirs Pot with Jay-Z

25 Oct

50 Cent IIA lot has been going on lately, surrounding 50 Cent and he is now taking the time to respond to everything. Ever since the summer, it has appeared as if 50 has changed.

The New York hip hop scene has been in shambles for a while, now. It appears that no one cares because there have not been any veteran rappers to step up. 50 Cent decided to become that veteran rapper when he hosted his This Is 50 Fest.

Where 50 Cent has been viewed as the biggest mouth and instigator in New York, he appears to be changing. But, now that he no longer holds that position, Fabolous and his Twitter seem to be taking that position. In the past two months, alone, Fabolous has gotten a lot started via Twitter.

Not long after the This Is 50 Fest, Fabolous asked the question, “why is 50 Cent doing this?” Fab went on to mention the way that he went at Ja Rule, who is from New York, his ongoing feud with Fat Joe, and his past issues with other New York rappers. Fabolous said that 50 Cent is one of the main reasons New York is so divided, why would he be trying to fix it?

Only hours after Fabolous posted those comments, 50 Cent had already responded. Immediately, 50 was preparing to diss Fabolous. Sensing this, Fabolous reached out to 50 Cent and the possible feud simmered down. Then, 50 Cent released the statement that said that the two remained cool with each other.

When his feud with Game had reached its peak, 50 Cent said that if Dr. Dre ever collaborated with him, he would diss him. This was along the lines of Fat Joe and Jadakiss collaborating with Ja Rule. It has been since that time that rumors have swirled about a possible feud between Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

These tensions reached a boiling point back in 2007 when 50 Cent was out doing promotion for Curtis. No longer hip hop’s top priority, 50 was no longer Dr. Dre’s top priority. With the release of his current album seeing many push-backs, Dr. Dre has not been in a hurry to mix his records. 50 Cent sent a jab at Dr. Dre on “Flight 187.”

Then, add to all of that, Dr. Dre began collaborating with Game. When speaking on his next album, The R.E.D. Album, Game said that the album will be released through his Black Wall Street label and Aftermath Entertainment. Many speculate that 50 Cent is going to leave Interscope after this album so that may be the reason for Game and Dre reuniting.

Looking at the way things were going, it would have been easy to picture 50 Cent going at Dr. Dre and Game. However, when asked about it, 50 Cent said that was something that he would never do. This is not because he does not want to, but out of respect to Eminem. 50 Cent said that he and Eminem are extremely close and Eminem and Dr. Dre are extremely close. It would be unfair to put Em in that situation.

While he talked in a friendly manner about Fabolous and Dr. Dre, 50 Cent was not nearly as nice about his tensions with Jay-Z. Throughout his career, 50 has been challenging Jay-Z. Things between the two got a little hot last month when 50 Cent released “Flight 187” and questioned Jay’s new style. Then, on Jay-Z’s song, “A Star is Born,” he sends a slight response back to 50.

After the song proved to be controversial, 50 Cent came out to deny that he was dissing Jay-Z. Only days later, Kanye West, Jay-Z’s protege, would interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs, saying that Beyonce was more deserving of the award. The rudeness of Kanye West had everyone talking, so of course, 50 Cent said something.

Still bitter about 2007’s September 11 showdown, 50 Cent has become one of Kanye’s loudest critics. He said that if he were accepting an award, Kanye West would have stayed in his seat because he knows how he is. Jay-Z responded directly to 50 Cent’s comments, saying that no one is afraid of 50 Cent. He went on to say that if Kanye West felt that 50 Cent was undeserving of the award, he would have taken the mic from him, too.

50 Cent’s response was calling Jay-Z a punk. He cleared his tracks by calling Jay-Z the coolest punk that he knows, but still a punk. Recently, Jay-Z has been transitioning from rap superstar into cultural icon. Do not think that this has gone unnoticed by 50 Cent. Oprah Winfrey, one of hip hop’s staunchest critics has fallen in love with Jay-Z. She interviewed him for O magazine. He even appeared on her show.

This is a far cry from Jay-Z when he first entered in the game. His debut album, Reasonable Doubt, told of his life as a drug dealer on the mean streets of New York. All of Jay’s early music told the story of the streets and the things that he did in order to survive. However, as he achieved more success, the themes in his music changed to his current style with The Blueprint 3.

According to 50 Cent, rap artists are not allowed to grow. In his mind, it goes once a criminal, always a criminal. He said that Jay-Z can no longer be a gangster. Now that he has interviewed with Oprah twice and performed during Barack Obama’s inauguration, he can no longer represent the hood. 50 went on to refer to Jay-Z as “Mr. Knowles.”

Perhaps realizing that Jay-Z is not going to do a Nas-type of battle with him, 50 Cent recently said that Jay-Z tends to avoid rap beef. He brought up his feud with Jadakiss, when Jay sent Beanie Sigel out at him and his Cam’ron feud when Jay sent Tru-Life out at him. He pointed out how they went back and forth, while Jay-Z kept moving.

What is ironic is how 50 Cent decided to challenge both of those artists, himself, and most would agree that they both got him. Maybe 50 should have sent Lloyd Banks out for Jadakiss and Tony Yayo out for Cam’ron and he might still have the same type of respect that he had in 2003. 50 Cent is beginning to sound desperate and jealous. He is a talented rapper and he needs to focus on that.

His album is coming next month and he wants a Jay-Z feud to promote it, but that is not going to happen. 50 Cent, please get back to the music.

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