The South is carrying Def Jam

24 Oct

Def JamUsually, around this time, Def Jam is very busy. Right now, Jay-Z is out promoting his new album and his music has taken radio once again. The only problem with that is the fact that Jay-Z is no longer a Def Jam artist.

Every year, Def Jam gears up for the fall because all of their big-names release their music in the fall. But, all of their big-names are gone. The only thing that Def Jam has going for them are their artists that are representing the South.

Instead of waiting for the fall to release albums from their veterans, they will have to wait until early next year to release music from their Southern hip hop acts. The only artist that may release a new album this year is Atlanta’s own, Young Jeezy.

Of the anticipated Def Jam albums, they will be coming from Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Scrappy, Ludacris, Ace Hood, and USDA. The roster of the label has dwindled and the only New York-based rappers that are remaining on the label are Nas and Fabolous. The label was initially started to promote New York rappers.

Currently, the biggest act on Def Jam is Rick Ross, who records under his own imprint, Maybach Music. His imprint is also home to his group, The Triple Cs, who will release their debut album in 2010, also. Things have changed at Def Jam and the South is what has kept the label a float.

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