Cam’ron blames 50 Cent for Dipset Fallout

24 Oct

Cam'ron In 2007, Cam’ron began feuding with 50 Cent. At the time, 50 was talking with Angie Martinez about Koch Records. He referred to the label as a “graveyard,” saying that the label only features washed-up artists. Cam’ron had a deal with Koch for Jim Jones, at the time.

The comments made by 50 Cent angered Cam’ron and he called into the station. Cam defended Koch Records and compared Jim Jones’ record sales to that of Lloyd Banks. 50 Cent, then boasting the sales of his first two albums compared his sales to Cam’ron’s.

What came next was a major argument and 50 Cent telling Cam’ron that Jim Jones should be the boss of Dipset. Then, no one knew the tension going on between Jim Jones and Cam’ron. Most found it odd that Jim Jones and Juelz Santana sided with 50 Cent.

Before long, Cam’ron was kicked out of The Diplomats and he became estranged from his former rhyming partners. Now, that has been two years ago and Cam has grown up. He can now admit that the 50 Cent feud played a part in the fallout of his group.

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