“Tha Carter IV” pushed back Until 2010?

23 Oct

Lil Wayne IIFor most of the year, Lil Wayne has been waiting to release his experimental album, Rebirth. Despite his recent takeover of the radio, Universal Motown has been timid in releasing this type of album from Lil Wayne.

More than anything, they want Wayne to go ahead and release Tha Carter IV. The label had hoped that he would scrap Rebirth in favor of this album. Initially, Wayne had hoped to release both this year.

Earlier this fall, Lil Wayne announced that he had completed Rebirth and he was now working on Tha Carter IV. Later, he announced his intentions of releasing both albums on the same day, December 15. But, with his recent prison sentence, Wayne will be more wrapped up in that than working on the album.

However, seeing how Rebirth is already complete, that album may actually be released on December 15. The question mark, though, remains Tha Carter IV. It remains a mystery how involved he was with the album, as he was working on the Young Money album, Rebirth, and the Drake projects.

Has Tha Carter IV been pushed back to 2010?

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