Rap Lawyer, Scott Leemon speaks on Lil Wayne’s Gun Charge

23 Oct

Lil WayneThe recent news about Lil Wayne and his gun case has everyone talking. Now, for the first time, a professional is going to speak on this case.

Scott Leemon is a rap entertainment lawyer and he has worked on cases with Jim Jones and 50 Cent in the past. While most rappers who spoke on the situation felt that the one year sentence was too much, Leemon feels that Wayne got off easy.

Seeing how laws in New York are much more strict than in other areas of the nation, Scott Leemon feels that Lil Wayne got off easy. He said that had Wayne not reached a deal with the prosecutors, he could have been looking at three and a half years, at least. That would have been if he was found guilty by trial.

This is based off a 2006 law past by New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The old law said that a person with a loaded gun in the city with an intention to use it would face the mandatory three and a half year minimum. Now, having a gun in the city would result in this.

Back in 2007, Lil Wayne was arrested, alongside Ja Rule shortly after filming the video for “Uhh Ohhh!” The two were arrested for possession of weapons on the set of the video. Ja Rule was sentenced to three years of community service last year, but it appears that Lil Wayne will face a year in prison.

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