David Banner to release “Death of a Pop Star” Album

23 Oct

David BannerSome would have ventured to say that Jay-Z had lost his influence over the game. Up until the release of “D.O.A.,” a majority of the people would have agreed with that statement.

Two years away from the game, Jay-Z pretty much said that he was tired of rappers using the auto-tune machine. Just like that, it seems like urban radio stopped playing auto-tune filled music. Since the release of that song, Ron Browz has pretty much disappeared.

While Jay-Z did the true hip hop fans a service by putting the auto-tune machine to rest, he gave birth to the over-reliance of the sequel album. Since the release of his The Blueprint 3, rappers such as Fat Joe and Raekwon are also following up their most notable albums. Next year, add Ja Rule to that list when he releases Venni Vetti Vecci.

Now that it appears that the album title thing will become an epidemic, the “death of…” titles in music will be the next thing. The first rapper to imitate Jay-Z’s “Death of…” title will be David Banner when he releases his free online album, Death of a Pop Star. Jay-Z deaded the auto-tune trend, but he has seeminly embraced the pop star trend in hip hop.

Seeing how most of the artists considered as “pop” are making good music, no one has said anything. It has been one year since David Banner has had any new music out, so he must see a chance to re-emerge into the game. The pop rappers have taken over, but they have yet to slip. David Banner is just letting them know in advance with this album.

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