Trick Daddy wants to reunite with Trina

22 Oct

Trick DaddyBack in the day, the hottest “Bonnie and Clyde” duo in Southern hip hop was Trick Daddy and Trina. For a little while, they ruled the charts. The dynamic duo is probably best-known for their 2000 hit, “Take it to The House,” but they also did such songs as “Nann Nigga.”

Over time, Trick Daddy rose to become one of rap’s more popular artists. At the same time, Trina was becoming a star in her own right. As a result, their schedules became too hectic for the two to collaborate the way that they once did.

Then, last year, Trick Daddy announced that he was leaving the house that he had helped to build a decade earlier at Slip-N-Slide Records. Since that time, he has released one album, but it did not sell the number of records that his Slip-N-Slide albums did. Perhaps, realizing this, Trick wants to return to the formula.

As of late, hip hop seems to be full of reunions. Things have changed so much that they are almost going back to the way that they used to be. Trick Daddy plans to continue this trend because he is ready to reunite with his former Bonnie, Trina. Earlier today, reported that Trick was interested in working with Trina again.

Trina’s camp has yet to respond to this news.

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