Shyne will be Deported

22 Oct

ShyneAfter serving eight years of prison in New York, Shyne will still be deported back to his home nation of Belize. The hip hop community was buzzing due to the fact that the rapper would finally be back home. Most feel that the incident that landed him in prison was more due to Sean “Diddy” Combs more so than actions, himself.

Raekwon, an associate of Combs suggested that he get Shyne out of this mess. When the release date of Shyne was nearing, Diddy said that he and Shyne had been talking for months and their apparent feud never existed. Not long after that, Shyne refuted those comments, saying that they had not talked in years and that he and Diddy were still feuding.

Once Shyne released that news, rumblings of a deportation rose abundant. This has led some to speculate that Sean Combs may be behind this in some way. Those rumors have not bee proven, though. When it became fairly clear that Shyne would be deported, his uncle set up a place for him to live back in Belize.

Some are still clinging on to the hope that he may be allowed to stay, but this is looking unlikely. This news comes only weeks after the rapper signed with The Game’s Black Wall Street label. A new album from the rapper was expected to be released sometime next year

One Response to “Shyne will be Deported”

  1. edmontanna October 23, 2009 at 9:37 am #

    damnnnnn na man da dude is 1 of da onlly rappers we got dat hot from bac in da day damnn
    wis omie could stay uck da feds

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