Lloyd discusses past with Murder Inc. and possible future with Young Money

22 Oct

LloydNow that it is official that Lloyd is off of Murder Inc., a lot of people have been wondering what his next move is. Recently, Lloyd has been collaborating with many artists from Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint.

In an interview with Jenny Boom Boom, Lloyd discussed his time at Murder Inc. Records. More than anything regarding his departure from the label was the lack of interest that the CEO, Irv Gotti, showed in working with him on the album.

Jenny Boom Boom brought up a moment on “Gotti’s Way” where Lloyd was in the studio with Gotti and all of a sudden, he left Lloyd alone. Regarding that situation, Lloyd defended Gotti, but she soon mentioned how wrapped up he was in working with Ja Rule.

Soon, the conversation turned into a Ja Rule diss and Lloyd changed the subject back to the album. He said that there was a song recorded that he did not care for. In his opinion, the song was not bad, he just was not feeling it. In the end, that would lay the groundwork for him leaving the label.

After being asked about Irv Gotti, the conversation turned to his relationship with Ja Rule and Ashanti. During his time at the label, the three appeared to be extremely close. For those who remember, Lloyd’s first single was a duet with Ashanti. Also, during that time, Lloyd provided the chorus for Ja Rule’s song, “Caught Up.”

However, when he was asked about his relationship with the two, he said that there is no personal relationship. When asked about their performance at the Hip Hop Honors, he said that he did not watch the show. Later, Lloyd was asked about their status with the label and he did not know. In addition, he did not know about the status of Vanessa Carlton.

After talking about the Murder Inc. situation, the conversation turned to Lloyd possibly joining Young Money Entertainment. Throughout his career, Lloyd has frequently collaborated with Lil Wayne. Each year they come out with a single together. But, as of late, Lil Wayne has been focused on building his label.

This summer, he had signed Omarion to his Young Money label. He was the first R&B act that was signed to the label. But, after two weeks of recording for Young Money, he left for his own venture with EMI. That left Young Money without an R&B singer and Lloyd was already without a label.

With Lloyd already doing the “Bedrock” single with Young Money and his great relationship with Lil Wayne, it is only a matter of time before he also joins Young Money.

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