Birdman still insists that Lil Wayne is better than Jay-Z

22 Oct

BabyEarlier this week, Birdman made waves when he questioned Jay-Z’s status as the hottest emcee in the game. He said that Lil Wayne was more deserving of the title because he sells more records and makes more money. However, the list was about rappers in 2009 and Jay-Z is a multi-millionaire.

Maybe, Birdman did not clear up exactly what he meant, but he is standing by it. He said that in his opinion, the list should be about who makes the most money and who makes the most moves. In his opinion, he thinks that Lil Wayne is more deserving than Jay-Z. He said that Wayne has more selling ability than Jay-Z.

Birdman went on to even compare the success of Jay-Z’s upstart label, Roc Nation, to that of his longtime record label of Cash Money Records. He went on to deny that he was dissing Jay-Z, Birdman stated that this was just his opinion. His comments may sound a little controversial, but they are his comments.

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