50 Cent is cool with Fabolous

22 Oct

50 Cent IIA few weeks ago, some were expecting Jay-Z vs. Nas part two between 50 Cent and Fabolous. 50 Cent was out promoting his This Is 50 Fest, which saw such crews as D-Block and Dipset perform.

Not so long ago, 50 Cent was embroiled in bitter feuds with both of these camps, but as of late, he laid off of them. Then, he did the unexpected and reached out to them, all leading up to the show.

The motives of 50 Cent had a lot of people talking amongst themselves. In the meanwhile, Fabolous has been becoming the mouth of New York through Twitter. He has been very busy, as he has engaged in feuds with T-Pain and Bow Wow, along with publicizing the Jay-Z/T-Pain issue.

It appears that Fabolous had become a little too comfortable on Twitter when he called out 50 Cent for his promotion of the This Is 50 Fest. While there were a lot of people questioning 50 Cent for this show, Fabolous headed directly to Twitter and pointed out how 50 is to blame for the current state of New York hip hop. Of all people, why would he be trying to unite it?

The Twitter post made by Fabolous quickly found its way back to 50 Cent. When he was asked about Fab’s comments, 50 said that he was disappointed. 50 went on to hint at a possible Fabolous diss. A diss from 50 Cent to Fabolous never materialized.

Not long after 50 Cent’s response, Fabolous came out to say that he did not mean to diss 50 in a beef way. From there, 50 Cent did not speak on the Fabolous situation. Recently, 50 has been wrapped up with his “Baby By Me” Ne-Yo collaboration single and its promotion.

50 Cent has taken some time away from his recent single to speak on Fabolous’ apparent diss. He said that he and Fabolous have talked about the situation and that he understands how things can become misinterpreted over the internet.

50 went on to say that there is no issue with Fabolous. He said that his actions seemed a little awkward to Fabolous and he simply asked the question. 50 Cent went on to talk about the times that Fabolous has opened for him in concert.

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