Chamillionaire still talks Michael Jordan feud

21 Oct

ChamillionaireLast year, an article featured in TBT: The Magazine spoke of a feud between Chamillionaire and Michael Jordan. Chamillionaire and Michael Jordan happened to be at the same event and Cham, excited to see Michael Jordan went over to speak to him, only to be ignored by the basketball great.

At the time, Chamillionaire thought that he had an album on the way, so he was constantly out talking to hip hop websites and talking to hip hop TV channels. But, not long after the Michael Jordan incident, it turned out that he had been pushed back. Now, Cham is back and he is making up for lost time.

First, he came back and told about his feud with 50 Cent. In 2007, 50 Cent dissed Chamillionaire, calling him a gospel singer after he decided to clean up his lyrics. To those comments, Cham never responded, and soon the issue was forgotten. That was to everyone except for Chamillionaire.

The same type of situation is going on here. Nearly one year ago, Michael Jordan dissed Chamillionaire and now he has something to say about the matter. There is a video floating around the internet that tells just what went down. It is Chamillionaire talking and apparently, he punked Michael Jordan worse than the Detroit Pistons.

He said that he did not ask for an autograph, instead, he had asked Jordan to take a picture. After being asked, Jordan replied “I ain’t taking a picture with no n*gga.” Cham was bidding on a jersey against another man, but the two agreed to a truce. Michael Jordan, wanting someone to big higher on his jersey, told Cham to bid for the jersey and he would take a picture with him.

In the end, Michael Jordan still did not take a picture with Chamillionaire. When it was time to take the picture, Jordan cursed him out and still did not take a picture. The next day, Chamillionaire said that the Jordan Brand offered him some free sneakers and an apology to the rapper.

When speaking on the situation, Chamillionaire said that he was mad enough to fight and he felt like punching the basketball legend. While he did not get a picture with Michael, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen took pictures with Chamillionaire.

The video can be watched below:

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