Plies’ “Becky” Official Video

20 Oct

PliesNot long before the release of his last album, Da REAList, Plies made his intentions clear that he planned to release another album in 2009. He said that his album was already completed and he may release the album in May of 2009.

Plies re-thought releasing an album so soon after the release of his previous album, so he pushed it back. However, May did bring the announcement of the title of the album, Goon Affiliated.

Feeling that some of the music may be a bit out of date, Plies went back into the studio and re-worked some of the songs. The end result has yet to be seen, but he has announced a fall release date for this new album.

Late this summer, Plies heated up the radio once again. This time, it was with a new song entitled “Becky.” Initially, the song was not receiving much radio play, but the internet and digital downloading has kept it alive. Soon, the song was announced as the official first single off of his new album.

Now, things are official and Plies has a video to show for it. Check out the official video for Plies’ “Becky” below:

One Response to “Plies’ “Becky” Official Video”

  1. chriasha May 7, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    you really are the realest

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