Birdman feels that Lil Wayne should be the Hottest Mc in the Game

20 Oct

BabyMTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list has been the source of a lot of controversy. In some way, the list has managed to make everyone in hip hop speak out in some way. Some rappers have even gone as far as to say that the list has lost its credibility.

The latest to speak on this list is Cash Money Records founder and rapper, himself, Birdman. He feels that his franchise player, Lil Wayne should have been number one on the list because he sells more records than Jay-Z.

He feels that the list should be based on selling records, but what he has to realize is that this list is for the hottest emcees of 2009. Lil Wayne was the top selling rap artist of 2008, but he has yet to even release an album in 2009, so adding Wayne on that account would prove to be irrelevant.

Honestly, outside of his music that had been released through mixtapes and his work with Drake, Lil Wayne is lucky to be on the list at all. This may change when he releases his album, but as of right now, Wayne has not made too much noise in 2009.

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