Are the Triple Cs’s Rap’s Next Leading Crew?

20 Oct

Triple CsThe Triple Cs have everything in place to take over the game. For starters, they are led by Rick Ross, who has too many connections in place to count, and they are signed to Def Jam. With most of Def Jam’s stars now gone, the label can put more energy into their project.

Already, the first two videos from the crew feature such big names as Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Their connections with Rick Ross gained them those collaborations and working with the hottest rappers could make them one of the hottest crews.

Their first two singles have come out late this year, but their debut album, Customs, Cars, and Clothes, will not be coming out until early next year. Recently, Def Jam has been struggling, so the fortunes of an entire label are laying upon the shoulders of this young group.

No date has been set for Customs, Cars, and Clothes, but the album will be released during the first quarter of 2010 on Def Jam South.

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