Young Buck is ready to Leave G-Unit Records

19 Oct

Young BuckUnsurprisingly, last spring, Young Buck was ousted from the G-Unit crew. Being kicked out of the group led to Buck beginning a feud with 50 Cent. It seemed that 50 was a lot smarter with the Young Buck situation than he was with The Game.

With The Game situation, 50 Cent released him from the group and the label. But, with Buck, he left him as a signed artist to G-Unit Records. Young Buck is the only remaining artist on G-Unit that is signed to Interscope Records. Initially, Buck was ready to leave the label, but he eventually calmed down.

It is obvious that he has matured, seeing how he apologized to 50 Cent. But, this may be him trying to play nice in order to be released from G-Unit/Interscope. Recently, Young Buck has expressed his interest in signing with Juvenile’s UTP Records. All of a sudden, Buck says that he respects 50, but he is ready to move on.

For the past few weeks, Young Buck has been talking about his new music. The Cashville rapper seems to be very excited about his mixtapes, but he feels that he is ready to go to work on another studio album. Despite not talking with 50 Cent since the fallout, Buck is well aware of the Interscope situation.

With the current mind-state of 50 Cent and the current relationship of G-Unit and Interscope Records, Young Buck may be able to get out of his contract with G-Unit/Interscope. Juvenile is interested in signing Young Buck and Buck is ready to put out a new album.

In the studio on a daily basis, Young Buck hopes to release his album before the end of 2010 on UTP Records and Atlantic Records.

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