Will the Guap Boyz release album This Year?

19 Oct

Guap BoyzWhen it became clear that Ja Rule was not going to release The Mirror in 2008, he pushed his group, The Guap Boyz to the forefront. For those who did not already know, The Guap Boyz are Ja Rule’s group. Last year, they planned to release their debut album.

Despite all of the rumors, Ja Rule is still a Murder Inc. artist. But, the label has no distribution deal in place, so no new contracts have been signed. However, when Irv Gotti reaches a deal with Atlantic Records, Ja Rule will sign with the label, again, along with The Guap Boyz.

The Guap Boyz are actually signed to Murder Inc. through Ja Rule’s own MPire Music Group. When the deal with Universal Motown was still in place, the group was going to release an album in 2008. After their single, “Like Me,” bombed, the album was pushed back until this year.

As much as Ja Rule has been in the news this year, he has not mentioned The Guap Boyz at all. Back in July, he stated that he would wait until 2010 to release an album. However, now, Ja Rule is preparing a video for “Father Forgive Me” and a new album from him is expected next month.

It is quite possible that “Father Forgive Me” has been packaged into an album from The Guap Boyz. Expect more news in the coming days.

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