Will Cam’ron and Nas soon Collaborate?

19 Oct

Cam'ron Just two years ago, 50 Cent referred to Cam’ron as delusional. Cam’s popularity waned after his public feuds with Jay-Z and Nas. At one point, Cam even dissed Nas’ deceased mother.

Many looked at Cam’ron and his handling of feuds in an immature light. During his time away from the game, Cam’ron did some major growing up. After his falling out with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, Cam realized that hip hop is business first.

All of a sudden, he realized why Jay-Z handled the Roc-A-Fella situation the way that he did. When the Diplomats had their fallout, Cam’ron handled the situation in a similar manner to Jay-Z.

Early this year, Cam’ron was making his rounds in promotion of Crime Pays. A few times, he was asked about his feelings towards Jay-Z and Nas. Surprisingly, he said that he respects Jay-Z’s hustle and he was open to working with both he and Nas.

While he has grown up, Cam’ron said some disgusting things about Nas’ mother that cannot simply be forgiven over night. Realizing that in many ways, rap is a game, Cam’ron is now open to working with Nas. Never one to hold on to hard feelings, Nas is probably already over the feud.

But, will this be enough to see Cam’ron and Nas collaborate for the first time in their respective careers?

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