T-Pain is desperate for Jay-Z’s Forgiveness

19 Oct

T-PainThis summer, “Death of Auto-tune” became a little too much for T-Pain to handle. After all, this was his bread and butter. Single-handedly, he brought the machine back to hip hop. The problem was, everybody began using the machine.

While all of this was going on, Jay-Z was sitting back watching. He was waiting for the perfect time to strike and he needed the perfect message. During Jay-Z’s 2008 hiatus, Ron Browz almost took over the game with his auto-tune filled raps.

It only seemed right for Jay-Z to return with “D.O.A.” Clearly, the song was not a diss towards T-Pain. If anything, the song shouts him out. Initially, it was thought that T-Pain understood this, he and Jay-Z even performed together in Miami. Beef between the two was the last thing expected.

However, when the song took over the way that it did, T-Pain’s airplay dwindled. Last month, T-Pain had enough. In Las Vegas, he went on a rant and dissed Jay-Z. Friend of both Jay-Z and T-Pain, Fabolous, was there and he broke the news on Twitter.

The next day, Jay-Z responded and T-Pain apologized. Since that time, he has apologized all over himself. He has even gone as far as to drive up in a hearse playing “D.O.A.” and burying his chain that reads “BIG ASS CHAIN.” Understandably, he is sorry for what he did, but that was too much.

T-Pain is too desperate for Jay-Z’s forgiveness. He and Lil’ Mama should seriously consider a Jay-Z-themed collaboration.

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