Snoop Dogg disses Lil Wayne and Birdman

19 Oct

Snoop DoggOnly months after apologizing to Soulja Boy over his negative remarks, Snoop Dogg has a new song that subliminally disses Lil Wayne and Birdman. On the song, he brings up the 2006 kissing incident. On the song, Snoop raps about what a real man does, kissing another man is not it.

It was thought that Snoop Dogg actually had no issues with Lil Wayne and Birdman. At times, they have shouted each other out and it seemed that a collaboration was near. Honestly, it is unclear what brought this diss from Snoop Dogg on.

Birdman has already responded to the diss. More than anything, he is puzzled about the Snoop Dogg diss. The only possible reason for this is the on-going feud between Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, a former associate of Snoop Dogg.

2 Responses to “Snoop Dogg disses Lil Wayne and Birdman”

  1. Aghoski October 19, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    F**k snoop,5ocent, young buck,n dose who keep hatin on weezy n baby.

  2. Spirit of Violence October 27, 2009 at 1:20 pm #

    Weezy Fag Baby is a queer/// str8 up

    I honestly dont think Snoop made a real diss to him, just cause hes tryin to portray that “peaceful gangsta” image or whatever u wanna call it… its more like a hidden diis, just like the one he did to Cube, sayin “if you tryin to check my homie, you best check yourself, cause if you diss Dre, you diss yourself”..
    u digg?

    on the contrary…. everything Snoop said waz true:
    1. Wayne iz a queer and no G, cause Gz dont kiss no man.
    2. Baby aka Birdman iz a bitch for how he did his label mates, plus hes a fag… And since Wayne calls Baby his Daddy (disgusting) that makes him a son of a bitch.
    3. As for that “TPain shit” comment, true as well… lil Wack used this whole TPain hype for his song Lollipop.. when if You take Snoop for instance.. he didnt bite no TPain thing.. more like Roger Trautman.. But he knew the MAN, did songs with the MAN, and always was true to the fact that uses talk box as a respect to the MAN.

    Now……. to all you stupid-ugly-lil-Wayne’s-little-dick-ridin-queer-monkey-fuckerzzz hear thisssss…..

    1. Aint NO WAY lil Wayne can kill Snoop dogg lyrically. He doesnt suck bad, but he aint even close to Snoop’s level. Check your info muthafuckazz.
    2. Aint NO WAY lil Wayne’s fan base can touch Snoop’s fan base… Snoop got fans in places Wayne never ever heard of, and will never ever go to.
    3. Aint NO WAY lil Wayne will get support from any relevant figure in HipHop, cause ALL Gz, OGz, Legendz and Dope Rapperz will back up Snoop. Aint no doubt about it. You know it, I know it, everyone knowz it.
    4. Lil Wayne will NEVER respond to a diss, cause there are tons of shit on him that can be used by even a mediocre rapper to kill Wayne’s carrier. Nevermind Snoop Dogg aka king of the WestCoast, the best freestyler EVER.
    5. Snoop Dogg has killed otherz on diss trackz b4, he can do it to ANY MC out there. But he wont do it, and he aint doin it. It iis just a smart move by him to promote the album. He didnt drop no namez, and he will not admit to dissin Wayne. Although we all know he didnt say it for the hell of it. He respects Wayne’s success and talent as Snoop Dogg, the peaceful Icon, but he hates Wayne for being a queer and for that “Drop It Like Its Hot” issue as Snoop Dogg, the Gangster.
    6. And last but not least. Snoop is affiliated with Rollin 20s, but he aint active… Just like DJ Quik for example and lots of otheres. lil Wayne is just a red rag wearing punk who aint affiliated with nothin but Birdman’s dick.

    Chuuuuuuuuch! Muthafuckaz

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