Rakim feels that rappers should go for Longevity

19 Oct

RakimThe average career span of an R&B artists last over twenty years. The average rap career is lucky to last five years. In 2003, Jay-Z ushered in a trend that every rapper seems to have picked up.

Since Jay-Z retired, everyone is doing it. Just recently, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes have publicized their intentions of retiring in the near future. With no album released in ten years, many say that Rakim has retired. However, he feels otherwise.

Rakim has noticed the trends in hip hop and he feels that as long as rappers feel that they have it, they should keep going. Unlike R&B singers, who usually release an album once every three to five years, a rapper usually releases an album every year or two.

There is no longevity, but there is consistency. There is no rapper that has brought both consistency and longevity outside of LL Cool J. Rakim did not speak too much on consistency, but he did speak on longevity. He feels that rappers should not simply retire, he feels that they should do like R&B artists and continue to release new music.

In an interview with SOHH, Rakim said “you can’t just put it down,” referring to someone just retiring from rap. There is something that just keeps a person in it. There is simply no way that a rapper can simply quit. Look at Michael Jackson, he went six years in between album releases, but he never retired.

According to Rakim, rappers need to develop these same type of qualities to officially reach legendary status.

One Response to “Rakim feels that rappers should go for Longevity”

  1. famematic October 20, 2009 at 5:33 pm #

    rakim is one of my top 3 dopest mcs as far as a old school mc

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