Lloyd Banks is plotting A Comeback

19 Oct

Lloyd BanksIt has been three years since Lloyd Banks has released an album. During his brief run, Banks showed promise and many saw him as next in line over at G-Unit Records. Lackluster sales of his 2006 album, Rotten Apple, have killed any chance of Banks becoming a top priority.

Just last year, a third album from Lloyd Banks was expected. Despite the possibility of Banks having a song featuring both Jay-Z and Nas, a significant buzz was never built around the album. The situation with the Interscope executives caused Banks’ album to eventually be shelved by Interscope Records. After helping to revive Interscope Records and their lackluster sales, Lloyd Banks decided that he had enough.

Before the end of 2008, Lloyd Banks has returned to the mixtape scene that made him a star. Due to his underground success, Banks has people talking about him and his lyrical ability once again.

In New York, his music is getting airplay and Banks feels that it is almost time to release another album. Despite not having the backing of Interscope Records, he will still have 50 Cent in his corner and the album will still be released through G-Unit Records.

The next move for Lloyd Banks is to find a distributor to release a new album from him. If an album is coming from Lloyd Banks, it should be released sometime in 2010.

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