Lil’ Mama needs to Move On

19 Oct

Lil MamaIt has been well over a month since Lil’ Mama ruined a memorable performance by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys of “Empire State of Mind.” She crashed the Jay-Z set on the same night that Kanye West had his outburst, so she did not receive much media attention, at first.

After the show, it was revealed just how upset Jay-Z. Since that time, Lil’ Mama has been apologizing and reaching out. Jay-Z has not made a direct response to Lil’ Mama, but he did address the situation. The tape really made Lil’ Mama look crazy and she must have realized that.

One week after the performance-crashing, Lil’ Mama made an apology freestyle over the beat of “Empire State of Mind.” After that, she should have just left things the way that they were. It has been a month since the incident, but Lil’ Mama is still stuck on the issue.

Clearly, Jay-Z has moved on, he said what he had to say and he is now talking about his next album. Jay-Z is not going to acknowledge Lil’ Mama and by now she should realize that. Before she crashed his performance, he did not acknowledge her, now that the issue is over, he probably never will again.

Lil’ Mama is making a complete fool out of herself, she needs to let it go because she was never an A-list rapper.

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