Jae Millz to Finally release Debut Album

19 Oct

Jae MillzIf one can recall, Jae Millz was a part of that hip hop class of 2006. He, along with Saigon and Papoose, were supposed to bring a new vibe to New York hip hop. Jae Millz was preparing to take over.

Millz was the flagship artist of New York-based Wanna Blow Ent. As the first artist signed, there were big plans for Jae Millz. In late 2005, Millz landed Wanna Blow a distribution deal with SRC/Universal.

Steve Rifkind, the founder and CEO of SRC Records was excited about reaching a distribution deal for Wanna Blow. He saw something in Jae Millz that Universal Records did not. Universal was not ready to promote a new artist, especially one from New York.

Jae Millz’ debut album, Back to Tha Future, was supposed to be released early in 2006. However, soon the label reached a deal with Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. Records and they began working on projects from Lil Wayne and his Young Money imprint. As a result, Millz was pushed back throughout 2006 and 2007.

In March 2008, Jae Millz made a shocking announcement. He said that after three years of being on Wanna Blow, he was leaving the label. Millz made it clear that the deal was simply business, though. Jae Millz announced that he was signing with Young Money Entertainment.

Quickly, Jae Millz went to work on his debut album, Welcome to Young Money. He had completely scrapped his Back to Tha Future album. Lil Wayne confirmed the deal and he said that Millz’ album would follow Tha Carter III and a Young Money compilation album.

At the time, it seemed like an easy thing to do, as Wayne released Tha Carter III. However, Lil Wayne’s Rebirth has been pushed back over the entire year of 2009. Drake was signed to the label, when he took off, room had to be made, then Bow Wow joined the label. This has caused the Young Money album to be pushed back and, as a result, Jae Millz’ album has also been pushed back.

After the Lil Wayne albums and the Young Money compilation album, Jae Millz’ untitled debut album will be released. This album can be expected to release sometime in 2010 or 2011. He has managed to stay with the label despite all of the changes.

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