Has Mims left Capitol Records?

19 Oct

MimsIn 2003, Capitol Records decided to move back into hip hop. The first act signed under this new dedication was Chingy. No support was ever replaced around him and a lack of promotion led him to leave Capitol Records in 2007.

That just so happened to be the same year that Mims joined the label. He came to the label with his chart-topping single, “This Is Why I’m Hot.” With that one single, promotion was not necessary. It appeared that Capitol Records was invested in Mims’ success.

Only months after Music Is My Savior was released, Mims announced that he planned to release a remix album in December 2007 and a third album in March 2008. Had that happened, Mims would have shaken the label of “one hit wonder” and he may have had a platinum release by now. For unknown reasons, the label never pushed these projects and they went unreleased. In late 2008, Mims began promoting his second album, Guilt.

The only problem was, Capitol Records did nothing to promote Mims or his album. It was Mims’ imprint, American King Music, that did all of the promoting of Mims’ music. During his promotional run, Mims constantly stated that Capitol was 100% behind him.

However, after his album flopped, Mims began to sound a lot like Chingy. Back in June, Mims offered $900,000 to end his deal with Capitol. Mims and American King have taken it upon themselves to begin promoting his next album. Capitol Records has had nothing to say about the album.

Such labels as Bad Boy Records, Def Jam, Roc Nation, Aftermath Entertainment, and So So Def are currently looking for fresh blood. Mims is said to be working hard on a daily basis to release his third album this December. With Mims said to be on a new level and these hip hop labels desperate to catch Young Money, something may happen.

Mims is currently still fighting to get off of Capitol Records and he hopes to release his third studio album in December of 2009.

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