DJ Kay Slay supports Papoose’s Independent Move

19 Oct

DJ KayslayPapoose was the flagship artist of DJ Kay Slay’s own Streetsweepers Entertainment. His lyrical ability got him noticed by Busta Rhymes, as he signed Pap to his Flipmode Records. With Busta and Kay Slay in his corner, Papoose reached a $1.5 million deal with Jive Records.

In early 2007, his debut album, The Nacirema Dream, was supposed to have been released. For unknown reasons, the album was pushed back. Before the end of 2007, the album was shelved. By 2008, Papoose ended up being released from his million-dollar contract.

All talk of Papoose ended after his run-in with Fat Joe. A short-lived feud ensued, but Pap soon fell out of the public eye. Throughout the year of 2008, Papoose was barely mentioned. Coming into 2009, Papoose had been forgotten.

Only weeks ago, Papoose announced that 2010 was going to be his year. He let it be known that his album was still The Nacirema Dream and it will be released in 2010. Seeing how major labels are only interested in New York veterans and Southern rappers, Pap has decided to go independent.

Seeing how influential he has been on Papoose’s career, DJ Kay Slay has come out to support his artist. He completely agreed with Papoose’s statements, saying that he is much better off as an independent artist. Still, Papoose has no singles out, but his album, The Nacirema Dream, is still coming.

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