Diddy finally sets Mase free

19 Oct

Sean CombsMase and Diddy have been in a limbo so long about the contract situation that Diddy was called Puff Daddy when Mase first announced his departure from the game. In 1999, Mase retired from rap to pursue a career as a pastor.

In 2004, Mase returned to rap as a “clean” rapper, but it soon became clear that he did not want to have much to do with Diddy. The next year, he reverted back to his early days of hardcore rap and he began collaborating with 50 Cent and G-Unit.

Together, 50 Cent and Mase hatched the idea of Mase leaving Bad Boy Records to sign with 50’s own G-Unit Records. When approached about this, Diddy refused to let Mase out of the contract and 50 Cent soon began dissing Diddy. Soon, Mase left G-Unit and 50 Cent and Diddy patched things up.

After his stint with G-Unit, Mase returned to retirement. An album called The Suicide Note floated around the internet, but it was never confirmed or denied as an upcoming album from Mase. There was never any confirmation about where the album would be released, either.

It had seemed as if Mase had left Bad Boy Records because last month, rumors prevailed stating that Mase and Diddy had made up and he may return to Bad Boy. For Mase to return to Bad Boy, he must have left at one point. Obviously, he did not because Diddy released Mase from a clause in his contract.

As a part of Mase’ deal with Bad Boy, he could not do official collaborations on other artists’ studio albums without permission from the label. Now, thanks to Diddy, Mase is free to do so. Apparently, this is coming at the right time because Mase is rumored to have a big collaboration in the works.

Details on this are still quite a bit fuzzy. It may be more likely that Mase was still signed to Bad Boy/Atlantic because rumors had him headed to Bad Boy/Interscope. He may have been released from Atlantic Records and Bad Boy to join the new Bad Boy label at Interscope Records.

Mase is rumored to be close to a deal with Interscope Records, the home of the new Bad Boy Records.

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