Will 50 Cent challenge DMX?

17 Oct

50 CentMany people say that 50 Cent is trying to change his ways. This year, he has turned a new leaf aside from his feuds with Rick Ross and Fat Joe. 50 Cent has made it his business to reach out and end feuds with D-Block and The Diplomats.

A comment that was made by 50 Cent back in 2005 was that he would never end a feud with Ja Rule and any rapper or musician that associated with him would be his enemy. Despite that, 50 Cent has reached out to R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and Jadakiss to collaborate. With things looking to go against 50, he decided to find some allies.

While it never quite appeared that way, Ja Rule has plenty of allies. It was not until the release of Rule’s 2004 album, R.U.L.E., that 50 Cent also realized this. When Ja planned his 2007 album, The Mirror, he pulled out all of the stops and had some big-name guests on board. Still, his music was never quite right and the comeback never happened.

However, that did not stop VH1 from inviting him to perform at the Hip Hop Honors in 2009 and getting Eminem to stand on his feet. During the show, longtime Ja Rule foe, DMX decided to bury the hatchet and the two took pictures after the event. DMX openly rebuilt a relationship with Ja Rule.

That is something that goes against 50 Cent’s formula. In the past, X and 50 had a small feud, but their hate for Ja Rule conquered all other issues. They put aside their differences to hand Ja Rule multiple lyrical beatings in 2003. Now that Ja Rule and DMX, former collaborators, are back together, what will 50 Cent do.

It is clear that the two are still feuding and 50 Cent sent a light diss to DMX on his song, “Flight 187.” On the track, he refers to DMX as a crack head. Surely, X has heard the song and with he and Ja Rule rumored to be in the studio together, they may have something planned for 50 Cent. With that said, 50 Cent may have something planned for them, too.

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