Juvenile is going R&B on New Album

17 Oct

JuvenileIt has been over three years since Juvenile last released an album. In that time, the landscape of hip hop has changed. At the time, the authority in rap was 50 Cent, Kanye West, and Chamillionaire. That has changed and his former sidekick, Lil Wayne, has taken over.

Juvenile is known for releasing hardcore songs, such as “In My Life,” but the rap game has softened up a bit, which is evidenced by the songs that dominate radio. To make it in rap, creativity is needed, but going with the flow can get the flow moving right, too.

For this new album, Cocky & Confident, Juvenile plans to finally reunite with B.G., Lil Wayne, and Turk to bring back the Hot Boyz, but he also wants to work with some of R&B’s finest. Juve plans to feature Bobby V, Pleasure P, and Rico Love.

This is a sort of odd turn of events for Juvenile as he has always made music for hardcore hip hop fans. But, the times are changing and after the lackluster sales of his last album, Juve decided that it was time to change things up.

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