Jay-Z and Alicia Keys to Reunite at AMAs

17 Oct

Alicia & JayLast month, Jay-Z decided to use the MTV Video Music Awards as the launching pad for his single, “Empire State of Mind.” With Alicia Keys, he put on a memorable performance that was set to become classic. Instead, the performance will be known as infamous. Towards the end of their set, Lil’ Mama calmly walks onto the stage, crashing Jay’s performance.

After the performance, Jay-Z’s wife, Beyonce Knowles, had to calm him down because he was so upset. Looking at his face tells just how angry he was. Despite the interruption, the performance was still one of the best of the entire ceremony. But, Jay-Z is a perfectionist and the Lil’ Mama crashing was unacceptable.

Well, Jay-Z has something that Lil’ Mama has yet to attain and that is the status of an icon. Because of that, Jay-Z has received an invitation to the American Music Awards. He will use the AMAs to promote his now-hit single, “Empire State of Mind.” Again, he and Alicia Keys will unite to perform the song.

This will be their first time performing the song together since the incident with Lil’ Mama. More than likely, she will not be there to crash his performance, so there should be no mistakes. Will Jay-Z finally get that classic concert performance for “Empire State of Mind”?

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