Ja Rule to release a New Album in 2009 After all?

17 Oct

Ja RuleRecently, footage leaked of Ja Rule on the set of a video for his song, “Father Forgive Me.” He said that the song was off of his upcoming album, The Mirror. Just a few months ago, he released the 2007 version of that album and said that he had moved on to his triple album, Venni Vetti Vecci 2010.

With that announcement, Ja Rule said that he had no plans of releasing an album in 2009. He figured that he would wait until 2010 to release his next album. Now, with his recent reconciliations with DMX and Ashanti, he must have had a change of heart. In a recent interview, he confirmed that “Father Forgive Me” was the first single from The Mirror.

The song was initially due to be released as the third single from the 2007 version of the album sometime in January 2008, months after the release. After the first two singles did not live up to expectations, the album was pushed back and “Father Forgive Me” was scrapped. Then, he made announcements saying that he was not using any songs from the 2007 album.

Back in July, Ja Rule made the announcement that he had no album planned for 2009, aside from the online release of The Mirror. Now that “Father Forgive Me” is the first single from The Mirror, a November release date has been given for the album. So, will Ja Rule be releasing an album this year?

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