Is 50 Cent headed to Universal Motown?

17 Oct

50 CentIt is becoming clearer and clearer by the day that 50 Cent is on his way out at Interscope Records. He has cried wolf too many times and the label has returned 50 Cent’s arch-rival, The Game,” for insurance. Recently, it was announced that Dr. Dre had reunited with Game.

As many already know, for years, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre have had small conflicts. On his song, “Flight 187,” 50 Cent called Dr. Dre out for not mixing his records, presumably the reason that Before I Self Destruct was not released last year as planned. It is clear that his relationship with Jimmy Iovine is not as strong as it once was, too.

When his 2007 album, Curtis, was pushed back, 50 Cent said that he would leave the label after his next release. Many thought that he was blowing hot air, but the entire roster of his G-Unit Records has left Interscope. This includes Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. Even Sha Money XL is off of the label.

Despite the fact that 50 Cent may be having issues with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine at Interscope, that does not mean that the entire Universal Music Group is upset with 50. He does not sell the same amount of records that he once did, but he still sells a lot of records. Interscope Records is not the only label on UMG that supports hip hop, so he can still remain in the group.

It is unlikely that he would sign to Def Jam, seeing how the label is home to such 50 Cent rivals as Kanye West, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled. Plus, the label maintains a strong relationship with Irv Gotti, who almost became the label’s president and CEO on two occasions. 50 Cent could move his label to Def Jam, but it would be more trouble than it is worth.

But, there would be almost no problems for 50 Cent at Universal Motown. It would take no effort to reach an exclusive distribution deal with the label for his G-Unit Records. The label is home to Lil Wayne, but he is a non-confrontational rapper. 50 would know to behave there because Wayne is their breadwinner.

If and when 50 Cent finally leaves Interscope Records, do not be surprised to see him sign with Universal Motown.

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