Busta Rhymes to retire after “The Chemo”

17 Oct

Busta RhymesEver since Jay-Z first retired back in 2003, it has become tradition for rappers to “retire” from the rap game. Many rappers have threatened to do so, but never have. Now, Busta Rhymes can be added to this list.

Seeing the gaps within his album releases, Busta Rhymes has already retired twice. But, this time he wants to make things official. His last album, Back On My BS, had received three years of push-backs before being released this past May.

To make up for lost time, Busta had hoped to go ahead and release his next album, The Chemo, before the end of this year. Apparently, things have taken longer than expected and the album will be released sometime next year.

While many thought that The Chemo would be the latest of many more releases to come from Busta Rhymes, he had retirement on his mind. He has been doing the solo rap career for almost fourteen years. In that time, Busta Rhymes has become one of hip hop’s most recognizable names.

Also his age should be taken into account. Next year, he will be forty years old. There is nothing wrong with an aging rapper according to Jay-Z, but his music has matured over the years. As creative as Busta Rhymes is, he has shown no personal growth in his career.

According to people close to Busta Rhymes, he will release The Chemo, then he is going to go ahead and hang his jersey up in the rafters.

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